Incorporating Services, Ltd.

2004 - 2013

Incorporating Services, Ltd. is a Delaware company that specializes in corporate filings, registered agent services, and UCC filings and searches for entities in Delaware, across the nation, and around the world. Their internal computer operations were inadequate and their web-based services minimal.

CCD restructured the order-processing and billing systems from top to bottom. We converted the existing data (in SBT) to a new customized database (in Microsoft Access with a Microsoft SQL Server back-end) to track Clients, Orders, and Payments. We worked with the president, CFO, and management to streamline workflow and to create meaningful reports on all aspects of ISL’s business. We trained staff in operation of the new system and have subsequently upgraded the system to SQL Server 2005. We created web interfaces for their clients to file annual franchise taxes with the state of Delaware, as well as view and pay for their own invoices on-line. CCD is still actively involved in the maintenance and periodic upgrades to the system.