National Society Colonial Dames 17th Century

1995 – 1997

The National Society Colonial Dames 17th Century is a society of women descendants of the early colonists who came to this country.

CCD restructured the information management system of the society from top to bottom. We converted the existing database (in dbase) to a new customized database in Microsoft Access to track membership and organization information. We worked with the office manager to clean up data from years of neglect using Microsoft Visual Basic and implemented safeguards against future data loss/corruption. We replaced the old LAN with new Windows-based LAN and customized access privileges. We trained staff in operation of the new system. CCD worked closely with Treasurer to create meaningful reports for the organization. We streamlined data entry procedures, hired and supervised temporary help (several times) as they performed data entry. Will Corbin was entrusted by the President to advertise for, interview, and hire full-time office staff members on several occasions. We worked closely with members of Executive Board to create a second database system in Microsoft Access to track genealogical information on members’ ancestors. CCD designed, implemented, trained people on, and wrote the manual for this second system. CCD designed a stand-alone application in Microsoft Visual Basic which checked and saved over 400 pieces of applicant information and interfaces with Microsoft Word to automate the application process to NSCDXVIIC. This program was distributed to and used by members and applicants across the nation.