Sealed Air Corporation

2010 - 2013

Sealed Air Corporation has been developing its Vision Enabled Training system since 2010. The VET system (patents pending) is a break-through technology that aids in employee training and risk management in the areas of handwashing and use of gloves and hair protection. It is currently being used by restaurants and hospitals across the USA.

CCD has worked closely with Sealed Air and its engineers and business team on the VET system from the first prototypes through testing and implementation. CCD works primarily on the secure web-site, on-line database, and communications protocols for the project. Sensors at the clients’ locations gather data on employee behavior and performance. The sensors send the gathered data to the web-site where it is analyzed in real time. Alerts are sent to managers by e-mail and text message as necessary. A variety of user types (owners, managers, customers, employees, data validators, admins, etc.) have customized interfaces to access the data for the system. Customized reports are generated on demand as well as at pre-defined intervals for users’ convenience.

The VET system was a winner of the National Restaurant Association’s .Kitchen Innovation Award 2012.