Computer Programming in Gaithersburg

Hello Corbin Creative,
I need some computer programming done (in Microsoft Access and MySQL). We had some custom programming done years ago and a few things are working correctly. Can you recommend a good computer consulting company in the Gaithersburg area? Or, if we have to go to Washington DC that’s ok too. Thanks in advance for your suggestion(s). Happy New Year!

Edward in Gaithersburg

Rockville guy here with a SQL Server question

I am an IT guy in Rockville, Maryland and have a custom programming question that has to do with database management. I am trying to integrate a Microsoft Access database with a SQL Server 2008 64 bit database. The SQL Server system doesn’t seem to connect to Access. Do you have any ideas about what could be the problem?

Joe in Rockville, Maryland

I think I want an Access database

I see from your web site that you have experience with database management and Microsoft Access. I have a small store in DC, and we keep our information in Foxpro. However, I also have Microsoft Office 2007. Can I transfer my information from foxpro to Microsoft Access? Is this something you do? Thanks in advance,

Glover Park, District of Columbia