Reasons for Selecting LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php)

Although CCD does most of its work using Microsoft products, many people come to us asking about LAMP. The standard reasons for selecting LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) instead of combination of other software programs, servers and operating systems include:
All of those are open source resource. Security of linux can be much greater than that for windows. Apache can be a better server that IIS both in functionality and security. Mysql is the most popular open source database in the world. PHP is faster than asp or other scripting language.

If your firm is in Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, or anywhere in the Maryland area, and you need some help with computer programming, please contact us!

Corbin Creative Databases, LLC

Rockville web development needed

We are looking for some help with Rockville web development.  Our board has a “vision” of how our web-site should work, and it’s fallen on me to find a web development company to put the plan into action.  I saw your CCD web-site but am not sure if you are a web development Rockville company?  The web-site we would like to implement has a database for its “data”, but certain people (our members and staff) need to be able to get at this data to various degrees.  We would prefer to meet a consultant in the Rockville area (not necessarily in our office) so that we can explain in person the final product we are hoping to achieve.  Is this something you think you can help us with?


PHP in Gaithersburg and/or Rockville

Hello Corbin Creative:

Do you work with PHP programming in the Gaithersburg or Rockville areas?  We have some web development issues that we want to take care of but would prefer to stay local.  Do you work out of your office only, or can you come on-site?  Back to the issue… We have an interactive web-site that has MySQL on the back-end.  It works ok, but we would like to change some of the fields in the database.  We would also like to change how some users have permissions to see all or some of the data.  Well, hopefully this is the kind of work that you do and that you can come into our office to help us.  Thanks in advance for your consideration!



php in rockville for a membership organization

Hello CCD:

We need some php in Rockville done.  We are a membership organization (similar to an association) and our public web site was programmed in php.  The data for the web site is in MySQL.  Anyway, would your people be able to come and do php work in rockville?  Due to the propietary nature of our information, we would not feel comfortable shipping our data to you over the internet or via USPS.  We would prefer that you come into our office instead.  Please let us know.  Thanks,

Marcus in Rockville

Microsoft Access database help

Dear CCD, LLC,
I have a small business located in the District of Columbia. My Access database contains all of my clients and their accounts (payments, etc.). However, the database was set up using an older version of Microsoft Access. I see that your company does computer programming around Washington DC. Can you help me upgrade my Access database? And in what situations do you suggest people upgrade even further to Microsoft SQL Server? Hope to hear from you soon,