Differences/Advantages of Cache vs Session

I have a Web Development question. What is the main difference between storing information in a Session v.s. a Cache? Advantages and disadvantages?
If I have a simple search page which returns the results to a data table and binds it to a grid view. If I want to store the search results, is it better to store it in a Session since each user would most likely have different results or can I still store the searches in Cache.

Jason from Washington DC

Washington DC PHP help


I have a client with an on-line database of “parts” (for argument’s sake let’s say they are car parts).  Their current database seems to be reaching its capacity, as it is working less and less reliably with the accumulated high quantity of “car parts” it is working with.  I am not a computer consultant (I help the client with business matters) but really want to help my client get this matter under control.  Does your company work with PHP?  If not, are you familiar with any Washington DC PHP programming firms?  Washington DC is supposed to be a technology hub, but we are having difficulty finding a company with the appropriate expertise to help us out.  I’m thinking that for PHP Washington DC is maybe not a  hub?  Prove me wrong!  Thanks in advance,

JJ (private consultant)

Washington DC SQL Server

Washington DC SQL Server computer consulting company needed-  We have a legacy database done in SQL Server.  It used to be in SQL Server 2000, but we recently tried updating it to SQL Server 2005 and then SQL Server 2008, but now it doesn’t work properly!  We are located in Washington DC, but would be fine working with a company in Montgomery County, Maryland or in Virginia.  As far as working on SQL Server Washington DC has a good number of computer consultants doesn’t it?  Oh, and we are a small company that works with the folks on capital hill-  Our office is close to Dupont circle.  Help us please!


Microsoft Access database help

Dear CCD, LLC,
I have a small business located in the District of Columbia. My Access database contains all of my clients and their accounts (payments, etc.). However, the database was set up using an older version of Microsoft Access. I see that your company does computer programming around Washington DC. Can you help me upgrade my Access database? And in what situations do you suggest people upgrade even further to Microsoft SQL Server? Hope to hear from you soon,


Transforming from Microsoft Access to PHP MySQL

Our company has a database that was done in Microsoft Access. We are interested in finding a computer consulting company in the Washington DC area that can convert the data to a MySQL database and use the PHP programming language to make the data available to our clients. Does CCD have expertise in Microsoft Access? And how about PHP and MySQL? I see that you are located in Maryland- That is certainly close enough to Washington DC for us. Thanks,
District of Columbia