PHP and MySQL help in the Gaithersburg area


We are in dire need of PHP and MySQL help in the Gaithersburg area!  We have a system that we use to communicate with our customers, and it has some annoying quirks that we would like fixed.  First, the information shared with the clients is not the right fields (hope I’m using the correct terms here?).  Second, the fields that it does show to the clients are not updateable or editable by the clients.  Our system is proprietary, so we would want you to do all of the work on our computers without copying the data.  Is that a problem?  We would prefer to have meeting in our building as well.  Please advise us regarding your availability.  This has gone on too long!

Paul W, A.L. Technologies

Web developer or database developer in Washington DC?

I am in charge of a medium-sized non-profit organization in Washington DC. I am interested in augmenting one of our customized databases and then putting its contents up on the internet for our members and the public to access. My question is: Should I be looking for a web developer, or a database developer for this project? I see from your web-site that you have significant experience in both web development and database management. Thanks in advance,

Mike W.
Washington DC