Reasons for Selecting LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php)

Although CCD does most of its work using Microsoft products, many people come to us asking about LAMP. The standard reasons for selecting LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) instead of combination of other software programs, servers and operating systems include:
All of those are open source resource. Security of linux can be much greater than that for windows. Apache can be a better server that IIS both in functionality and security. Mysql is the most popular open source database in the world. PHP is faster than asp or other scripting language.

If your firm is in Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, or anywhere in the Maryland area, and you need some help with computer programming, please contact us!

Corbin Creative Databases, LLC

Gaithersburg Microsoft access help- Help!

Gaithersburg Microsoft access help-  Can you help our company?  We have a Microsoft access database that contains orders from previous clients.  Our new system does not contain this old data.  We would like to be able to read the old data and see information on the old orders, but still use our current system.  Are you a Microsoft Access Gaithersburg company?  Because we would prefer if you could come into our office (in Gaithersburg).  I sure hope you can help.  Our admin staff is going crazy over here!


BKI (Maryland)

PHP and MySQL help in the Gaithersburg area


We are in dire need of PHP and MySQL help in the Gaithersburg area!  We have a system that we use to communicate with our customers, and it has some annoying quirks that we would like fixed.  First, the information shared with the clients is not the right fields (hope I’m using the correct terms here?).  Second, the fields that it does show to the clients are not updateable or editable by the clients.  Our system is proprietary, so we would want you to do all of the work on our computers without copying the data.  Is that a problem?  We would prefer to have meeting in our building as well.  Please advise us regarding your availability.  This has gone on too long!

Paul W, A.L. Technologies

Gaithersburg Web Development


I have a question regarding Gaithersburg web development.   I have been tasked to find a company in or around Gaithersburg that does web development for special events.  Our condo association is preparing to celebrate its anniversary and we would like to create a web-site that will help us coordinate and celebrate the big event!  In terms of web development Gaithersburg should not be a limiting location, should it?  Some of the features of the web-site that we are interested in include:

– photos of our board

– photos of our residents

– Copies of permits and licenses

– Information on our condo management company

– Statements of our fiscal solvency

– Interactive logo of our association

– resident to resident messaging service

– and maybe some more customized features as well…

Would your company be able to help us with this project?  Since we are all in the same city, I was thinking we could meet and discuss some of the layout of the site as well as the features?  And do you have any particular programming language or web-site hosting company that you would recommend?  We are wide open regarding those topics.  Thanks in advance,



PHP in Gaithersburg and/or Rockville

Hello Corbin Creative:

Do you work with PHP programming in the Gaithersburg or Rockville areas?  We have some web development issues that we want to take care of but would prefer to stay local.  Do you work out of your office only, or can you come on-site?  Back to the issue… We have an interactive web-site that has MySQL on the back-end.  It works ok, but we would like to change some of the fields in the database.  We would also like to change how some users have permissions to see all or some of the data.  Well, hopefully this is the kind of work that you do and that you can come into our office to help us.  Thanks in advance for your consideration!



Microsoft Access database help

Dear CCD, LLC,
I have a small business located in the District of Columbia. My Access database contains all of my clients and their accounts (payments, etc.). However, the database was set up using an older version of Microsoft Access. I see that your company does computer programming around Washington DC. Can you help me upgrade my Access database? And in what situations do you suggest people upgrade even further to Microsoft SQL Server? Hope to hear from you soon,


Database Management with MySQL and PHP

Hello CCD:
Our organization is looking for some help with MySQL and PHP. We have a database of clients and potential clients- We would like to publish some of the information in this database on the web so that our team members across the country can easily access it. Is this the sort of computer consulting that you do? I guess you would call it database management.

JL in the District of Columbia

P.S. Do you also do web development work in Microsoft SQL Server? We also may have a need for that.