Rockville web development needed

We are looking for some help with Rockville web development.  Our board has a “vision” of how our web-site should work, and it’s fallen on me to find a web development company to put the plan into action.  I saw your CCD web-site but am not sure if you are a web development Rockville company?  The web-site we would like to implement has a database for its “data”, but certain people (our members and staff) need to be able to get at this data to various degrees.  We would prefer to meet a consultant in the Rockville area (not necessarily in our office) so that we can explain in person the final product we are hoping to achieve.  Is this something you think you can help us with?


Gaithersburg Microsoft access help- Help!

Gaithersburg Microsoft access help-  Can you help our company?  We have a Microsoft access database that contains orders from previous clients.  Our new system does not contain this old data.  We would like to be able to read the old data and see information on the old orders, but still use our current system.  Are you a Microsoft Access Gaithersburg company?  Because we would prefer if you could come into our office (in Gaithersburg).  I sure hope you can help.  Our admin staff is going crazy over here!


BKI (Maryland)