Gaithersburg Microsoft access help- Help!

Gaithersburg Microsoft access help-  Can you help our company?  We have a Microsoft access database that contains orders from previous clients.  Our new system does not contain this old data.  We would like to be able to read the old data and see information on the old orders, but still use our current system.  Are you a Microsoft Access Gaithersburg company?  Because we would prefer if you could come into our office (in Gaithersburg).  I sure hope you can help.  Our admin staff is going crazy over here!


BKI (Maryland)

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  1. Hello Joe. Nice to meet you- From the sounds of your issue, I am pretty sure our company (CCD) can help. We have worked on many systems using Microsoft Access. Old versions are not a problem. I would be interested to learn more about your new system, b/c we may be able to import the old data from your Access database into the new system. Either way, we should have no problem giving you access to your old data and orders. Give us a call at your leisure and I will be glad to meet with you (in your office or ours) to get started on your project. Thanks for considering CCD.

    Will Corbin, President
    Corbin Creative Databases, LLC

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