php in rockville for a membership organization

Hello CCD:

We need some php in Rockville done.  We are a membership organization (similar to an association) and our public web site was programmed in php.  The data for the web site is in MySQL.  Anyway, would your people be able to come and do php work in rockville?  Due to the propietary nature of our information, we would not feel comfortable shipping our data to you over the internet or via USPS.  We would prefer that you come into our office instead.  Please let us know.  Thanks,

Marcus in Rockville

One thought on “php in rockville for a membership organization

  1. Hello Marcus,
    Your situation is fairly typical for a membership organization such as an association. Web-sites that have been done in php years ago need updating. Regarding doing the php work in Rockville, that is no problem. CCD is conveniently located close to you in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Let’s get in touch soon to further evaluate your web development needs.

    Will Corbin

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