Web developer or database developer in Washington DC?

I am in charge of a medium-sized non-profit organization in Washington DC. I am interested in augmenting one of our customized databases and then putting its contents up on the internet for our members and the public to access. My question is: Should I be looking for a web developer, or a database developer for this project? I see from your web-site that you have significant experience in both web development and database management. Thanks in advance,

Mike W.
Washington DC

One thought on “Web developer or database developer in Washington DC?

  1. Hello Mike,
    Good question- As you pointed out, your needs cover both areas: web development and database management and development. I think the best advice to give you is to go with a company that has experience in BOTH areas. You don’t want a web-site with a poorly designed database behind it. Similarly, you don’t want a poor web-site that doesn’t properly use the data contained in your database. If you send me some contact information we can talk about the specifics of your project, and hopefully CCD, LLC can help you!

    Will Corbin, President
    Corbin Creative Databases, LLC

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