Web development using php

We have a system that keeps track of homeowners. It is programmed in php. Does your company work in the area of web development? And do you have people that know php? Computer programming is not our thing! I see that you are in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC. That would be perfect for us b/c we are located in Germantown. Thanks, hope to hear from you oon!

Al (Germantown)

Computer programming project in php

To Whom it may concern:
I have inherited a computer programming project in php. It has a database in MySQL. Does your company have good experience using php? I am located in Maryland, about half an hour from Washington DC. The computer programming project involves sensitive confidential information handled by my company. I assume you could sign an NDA as well? Please advise.

MK in Maryland

How to do a Forms Authentication across Sub-Domains

Is it possible to authenticate users across sub-domains when the authentication takes place at a sub-domain instead of the parent domain?

For example:

User logs into site1.parent.com, and then we need to send them to reporting.parent.com.

Can I authenticate them to the reporting site even though the log-in occured at a sub-domain?

Jason from Washington DC

Web Development for association in Washington DC

We are an association located in Washington DC. We would like to list the database of our members on our web site. What kind of database and system would you use to do this? We were thinking of using Microsoft Access or SQL Server. And can you recommend any good company in the Maryland or Washington DC area that does web development? Thanks,

District of Columbia

Site Visits for SQL Server work in Maryland

We have a database in Microsoft SQL Server (version 2008). We are having some performance issues- When you do computer consulting, do you typically work on the systems in your clients’ offices, or do you take them with you to your office? We are located in Rockville, Maryland (just outside of Washington DC). Thanks,

ATL, Inc.