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I have a question regarding Gaithersburg web development.   I have been tasked to find a company in or around Gaithersburg that does web development for special events.  Our condo association is preparing to celebrate its anniversary and we would like to create a web-site that will help us coordinate and celebrate the big event!  In terms of web development Gaithersburg should not be a limiting location, should it?  Some of the features of the web-site that we are interested in include:

– photos of our board

– photos of our residents

– Copies of permits and licenses

– Information on our condo management company

– Statements of our fiscal solvency

– Interactive logo of our association

– resident to resident messaging service

– and maybe some more customized features as well…

Would your company be able to help us with this project?  Since we are all in the same city, I was thinking we could meet and discuss some of the layout of the site as well as the features?  And do you have any particular programming language or web-site hosting company that you would recommend?  We are wide open regarding those topics.  Thanks in advance,



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  1. Hello Emma,
    Thanks for your interest in our company. Yes, CCD could certainly help you with this project. And being local (you didn’t mention where your condo association is?) can be a big asset when sitting down to work on a new project. Let’s have a discussion over the phone about your needs, and I would certainly want to meet you in person as well to discuss this interesting project for your association. Talk to you soon,

    Will Corbin, President
    Corbin Creative Databases, LLC

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