One thought on “Is it possible to run a stored procedure in MS SQL Server at a scheduled time on a regular basis?

  1. Yes in MS Sql Server you can run a stored procedure at a scheduled time. There are two methods that can be used depending on the version of Sql server you have. If you have the full version of SQL Server, than you can create a scheduled job in SQL SERVER management studio. You need to navigate to the server, expand SQL SERVER Agent, and select the job folder. Here you can create a new job to run at a scheduled time.

    If you have the express version of SQL SERVER then you do not have SQL SERVER Agent. In this case you need to create a SQL SERVER Query file that will run your stored procedure and save it on your server. Then you need to create a batch file that will run your SQL SERVER Query file using sqlcmd. Once you have that set up you can use Windows task scheduler to run the batch file at a scheduled time.

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