Database Management with MySQL and PHP

Hello CCD:
Our organization is looking for some help with MySQL and PHP. We have a database of clients and potential clients- We would like to publish some of the information in this database on the web so that our team members across the country can easily access it. Is this the sort of computer consulting that you do? I guess you would call it database management.

JL in the District of Columbia

P.S. Do you also do web development work in Microsoft SQL Server? We also may have a need for that.

One thought on “Database Management with MySQL and PHP

  1. Hello JL,
    Yes, yes, and yes! CCD has extensive experience with MySQL, PHP, and all kinds of database management issues. We can definitely publish your information on the web, and we can do it securely! We are also happy to handle your second issue which deals with web development using SQL Server. Call or e-mail us anytime and we can discuss your needs. We are conveniently located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, just below Germantown, Maryland. Thanks for your interest,

    Will Corbin, President
    CCD, LLC

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