Transforming from Microsoft Access to PHP MySQL

Our company has a database that was done in Microsoft Access. We are interested in finding a computer consulting company in the Washington DC area that can convert the data to a MySQL database and use the PHP programming language to make the data available to our clients. Does CCD have expertise in Microsoft Access? And how about PHP and MySQL? I see that you are located in Maryland- That is certainly close enough to Washington DC for us. Thanks,
District of Columbia

One thought on “Transforming from Microsoft Access to PHP MySQL

  1. Hello Reg,
    CCD has been working with Microsoft Access for a long time. We can certainly convert a Microsoft Access database into MySQL and then publish the MySQL data (using PHP, .NET programming, or whatever web development platform you prefer). We also have significant experience with PHP and MySQL. Drop us a line or give us a call so I can learn more about your organization and needs. Thanks for your interest in CCD and computer consulting!

    Will, President
    CCD, LLC

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