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I have a client with an on-line database of “parts” (for argument’s sake let’s say they are car parts).  Their current database seems to be reaching its capacity, as it is working less and less reliably with the accumulated high quantity of “car parts” it is working with.  I am not a computer consultant (I help the client with business matters) but really want to help my client get this matter under control.  Does your company work with PHP?  If not, are you familiar with any Washington DC PHP programming firms?  Washington DC is supposed to be a technology hub, but we are having difficulty finding a company with the appropriate expertise to help us out.  I’m thinking that for PHP Washington DC is maybe not a  hub?  Prove me wrong!  Thanks in advance,

JJ (private consultant)

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  1. JJ:
    Thanks for your interest. Our company, Corbin Creative Databases, LLC can certainly help you with this project. We have extensive experience with PHP, as well as on-line databases that are stored using MySQL. Quantities of records these days shouldn’t be a problem for your system. We can take a look at your existing on-line database to fix it up, or design a new system from scratch. Best of all, we are located just outside of Washington, DC and can set up a site visit at your convenience. Feel free to get in touch with me via the “Contact Us” button on our web-site and I will personally return your call. We look forward to working with you.

    Will Corbin, President

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