SQL Server question from Washington DC

I see that your company is in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We are in Washington DC and would appreciate your thoughts on a SQL Server issue.
We have one of our company databases in SQL Server 2005. Recently we bought a new server and are transferring the database to the new server. We backed up the database to a file and tried to restore it on the new server. But the new server seems to require that the database files be in the same exact location as they were on the old server? Is there a way to get around this? Do you make house calls?? :-)

Peter, MTI Corporation
Washington DC

One thought on “SQL Server question from Washington DC

  1. Peter,
    I don’t think we need to make a house call for this issue- Check out the detach and attach features of SQL Server. These features will allow you to place your database files anywhere on the server’s drive, regardless of where they were originally.
    Good luck, and please consider Corbin Creative Databases, LLC for computer consulting and web development needs in the Washington, DC area!

    Will Corbin, President

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