Using formulas with a microsoft access database

We have an Microsoft Access 2010 database. It has statistics on the counties and cities in Maryland. Int the database, we have a query that groups the data and produces two totals for each group. After that, a second query takes this first query as its input and divides one total by the other for each group. Is it possible for us to do this in one step instead of two?

Joanne (I’m in Montgomery County, Maryland)

One thought on “Using formulas with a microsoft access database

  1. Hello Joanne,
    Thanks for posting your question. The answer is: yes, If you switch to SQL view in acces, you can see the SQL code for each query. If you embed the code from the first query inside of the second query, then you will have it all in one single query. I hope this helps! Contact CCD, LLC directly if we can help you out with anything else.

    Will Corbin, President

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